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Everything begun in 1994 when I started to work as a professional driver. Even in my first years of work I have noticed how cool is the thing that truck drivers, whom work on international transportation, used onboard radio stations, so I’ve got my appetite too for one of those stations. And I’ve got one by years later when I changed my job and I got back on truck and for my absolutely happines I had to execute international orders. Then I bought my first CB (Albrecht) radio which I use even today at my office garage as a simplex repeator (parrot).

After all this I came to know my two good fellows YO 6 PFL and YO 6 OSC, they helped me to regulate my CB antenna, and the radio amateurism started a „selftuning” on me day by day.

YO 6 PFL and YO 6 OSC gave me a spark full of vitality, which was a reminiscent thing to me, because I started to remember all the good times that I spent at the junior club when I was young. And at the same time that spark also hungered my curiosity on knowing ham radio communication systems.

I followed my fellows’s advises, and in 2005 I’ve passed my ham radio exam, so I’ve got the YO 6 PES indicative.

Though it wasn’t any radioclubs at those time at Târgu Mureş by the years I hooked up with other operators and we soon have started to build a strong amateur radio community. Some of the members are: YO 6 OGW  -  YO 6 OGJ  -  YO 6 MK  -  YO 6 ODP  -  YO 6 OFL  -  YO 6 QAR  -  YO 6 PFL  -  YO 6 VSR  -  YO 6 PIN  -  YO 6 PKD  -  YO 6 PMX  -  YO 6 PIN  -  YO6 PMY  -  YO 6 OAH  -  YO 6 LV and so many as well.

We, all radio ham operators, you know or not, are trying to hold the line of Radioclub-life in Târgu Mureş. YO 6 KBM.